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Hair routine for winter

Hair routine for winter

Winter puts the scalp and fiber to the test. They are weakened, sensitized by the cold and dry weather, but also by repeated wearing of a hat, temperature variations or even heating. It is therefore crucial to give your hair the means to defend itself against external aggression.

Discover the Flora winter routine, with our essential treatments to protect the scalp microbiome and hair fiber.


A winter routine that respects hair biology

Flora hair therapists have developed a tailor-made routine for winter, with our best care. Let's start with a first step dedicated to the microbiome, which consists of cleansing and detoxifying the scalp.

We recommend the Intense Detox Mask, enriched with ingredients known for their purifying properties. The active ingredients penetrate and act deeply, to find a healthy and balanced scalp. Apply to wet scalp and hair, massage then rinse. Add 4 to 8 drops of Microbiome Booster to boost its effectiveness.

Then proceed to a delicate wash of your hair, with our Fortifying Shampoo. It cleanses and detoxifies while strengthening the strength and density of your hair fibers. This treatment helps fight against breakage and hair loss, which are common in winter. Increase its effect with a few drops of the pure ingredient Amino Acids, an active ingredient selected to restore hair structure and reduce breakage.

Complete this first phase of the ritual with the application of our No. 1 Moisturizing Conditioner enriched with 4 to 8 drops of our Keratin Booster. This treatment nourishes, brings shine and volume, while repairing and protecting the fiber.

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The Flora formulatory art in your hair routine for winter

Flora hair therapists are reinventing hair care, drawing inspiration from dermocosmetics. Find some of our essential treatments, must-haves in your hair routine for winter.

Our precious Anti-aging Serum No. 3 is your ally in fighting the signs of aging before they even appear. Indeed, the winter climate and the exhaustion of hair during this period can be responsible for a loss of vitality. This treatment helps combat damage at the cellular level, while renewing the hair growth cycle. We recommend that you increase its effectiveness with 4 to 8 drops of Hyaluronic Acid Booster to moisturize your scalp.

Discover our treatments worthy of “hair botox”, the essential fillers. Flora experts advise you to opt for the Keratin filler or the Ceramides filler, depending on your problem. The first is ideal for fine hair, as it prevents breakage and restores weakened fibers. The second, dedicated mainly to sensitive or textured hair, strengthens and softens the fiber while preventing imbalances linked to winter.
Complete your winter hair routine with the application of our Miracle Repair Serum, a final touch that has all the makings of a sensory journey. This powerful treatment fills the fiber, strengthens the structure, protects the cuticles and boosts the volume of the hair, while providing shine. Discover the seven unique fragrances, created by our exclusive nose Clémence Besse. Our serums perfume your hair, for exceptional sensory care.

A winter treatment in our hair spa

If you have the chance to hit the slopes of Courchevel this winter, head to the Cheval Blanc spa, where Flora provides you with a sophisticated hair treatment. You will be able to slip under the expert hands of our hair therapist, who will offer you our exclusive hair treatment for winter, the Après-ski Treatment. This 50-minute treatment combines an intense treatment for the scalp and fiber, massage rituals and a moment of relaxation favored by cutting-edge Hair Spa Mist II technology.

This winter boost is the equivalent of a superfood for hair. They regain their shine and are sustainably nourished. Throughout your treatment at the Courchevel hair spa, you will enjoy a unique olfactory and sensory experience. You will conclude your treatment with a moment of well-being at the Miracle Blowdry Bar, drying your hair with island scents.