Scalp Masks & Hair Masks

Rich in active ingredients, the hair mask is a must-have in Flora's routine for beautiful and healthy hair. It works deep within the scalp and hair fiber, rebalancing them. For strong and detoxified hair, discover Flora masks formulated with our molecular technology and powerful super-ingredients.

Hair masks, for deep care

Just as the skin needs to be deeply restored and hydrated, the scalp and hair fibers have their dedicated treatments. Elevate your hair routine with our purifying, detoxifying, and strengthening masks. These moments of privileged care protect your hair from external aggressors: pollution, UV rays, color treatments, and more. Our experts have combined Flora's super-ingredients for their reparative role: vitamin C, amino acids, activated charcoal, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid.

We've selected each active ingredient of our masks in line with the nature of the scalp and hair fiber, for powerful biomimetic care. The scalp and its ultra-sensitive microbiome will be rebalanced and purified, while the hair fiber will benefit from intense hydration and restructuring.

Our hair masks are formulated with our two patented complexes, FP5® Biome and FMP10®. They penetrate deeply into the scalp and hair fiber cortex to stimulate hair growth and strengthen its resistance to aggressors. Flora's formulary art ensures you healthy, structured, and dense hair. Use our masks preventively or for intense detox, for hair that remains shiny and bouncy in the long run.

Your personalized Flora routine with our hair masks

Take care of your scalp and hair fiber with Flora masks, developed using our molecular and biomimetic technology:

  • Intense Detox Hair and Scalp Mask: formulated to absorb and eliminate impurities, it deeply cleanses and revitalizes your hair. They will regain lightness and freshness. Apply this treatment at least once a month for normal scalp, and more frequently in case of imbalance (dandruff, itching, excess sebum).
  • Intense Repair Hair Mask: enriched with Flora's super-ingredients, this treatment restores the hair fiber by penetrating to the hair cortex. Its nourishing action brings strength and vigor to the hair without weighing it down. Apply the mask to damp lengths, stretch and massage well avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes under a warm towel for optimal effectiveness.
  • Strength Mask Fortifier: this treatment strengthens the fiber and repairs it from the inside, for strong, shiny, and healthy hair. Its deep treatment restores the proteins composing the hair matrix. This mask can be applied during your Flora routine, on wet or dry hair, avoiding the scalp.

For enhanced and personalized action, enrich your hair masks with our Boosters: hyaluronic acid, amino acids, ceramides, lipopeptides, keratin, and microbiome booster. 4 to 8 drops of these actives in your mask are enough for a customized care tailored to the needs of your hair.

Get your hair diagnostic now from our hair therapists and discover how to integrate our hair masks into your personalized Flora routine.