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What is FP5® Biome?

Our breakthrough complexes are FP5® Biome and FMP10® Complex.

FP5® Biome is our proprietary functional active complex that combines Amino-Acids, Marine Bioactives and Micropeptides to beneficially eect on the bacterial microbiome and fibroplast cells to produce collagen and elastin. Our miraculous blend for balanced microbiome and healthy scalp.

What is FMP10®?

Our breakthrough complexes are FP5® Biome and FMP10® Complex.

FMP10® is our proprietary Molecular Technology blend of Micro-Peptides and highest quality, pure, short chain Hyaluronic Acid for for fiber structure, strength and density.

What does “Molecular Technology For Hair” stand for?

After decades of research into the complexity of our biological hair and skin structures, our scientists have worked to perfect the most effective and potent molecular compositions that target the individual constituents of hair and scalp with the purest natural actives and ingredients.

Are your products vegan?

All our products are Vegan*, Plant-Driven* and Cruelty-Free.

*excluding Filler No. 10, No. 12, Booster No.5 Keratin, Reverse and Fortifying Shampoos, containing Keratin

Our Keratin is obtained from shrimp shells, a non-invasive method for animals.

Who can use your products?

Our brand is genderless and trans-generational. Everyone can use it, even children.

Do your products contain sulfates or alcohol?

All our products are 100% free of:

Mineral Oils

What does “multi-step routine” mean?

Flora personalized scalp & hair care routine is divided into three obligatory steps:

STEP 1 – Cleanse & Detoxify

In order to be able to take care of the scalp and hair properly, the first step is to thoroughly Cleanse & Detoxify. It is the initial phase to prepare the scalp, skin, and hair for the second step of Treatment & Care. This step is crucial and key to a healthy scalp and hair.

STEP 2 – Scalp Treatment & Care, Fiber Treatment & Care

This step is the Treatment & Care phase when we bring and reinforce the scalp and hair with Pure Active Ingredients and really activate healthy regeneration, and nourishment. It is important to treat the scalp with the products adapted for the scalp, and fiber for the products adapted for the fiber.
Treating the scalp with serums is a key step for having gorgeous and healthy hair. Healthy and strong hair is a result of a healthy and balanced scalp.
It is crucial for fiber health and strength to bring back natural hair constituents, such as: Keratin, Ceramides, and Hyaluronic Acid. Our breakthrough innovations are Hair Fillers.

STEP 3 - This is the finishing, Beautify & Treatment phase where miracolous and e ective formulas meet sensorial experience and olifactory emotions. It is to give final touch and care.

What “Olfactory Emotions” stands for?

FLORA is the first Molecular Skin Therapy For Hair brand in the world to work with an exclusive perfumer, creating a very strong connection between the hair expertise routines and the perfumer rituals.

FLORA enriches its Clean Beauty and Scientific Experience with the emotions and sensuality of an exclusive and dreamy perfumer sensorial journey.

The highest quality, pure and natural ingredients are composing FLORA perfumes for very luxurious and rare sensuality.

Why is Scrub an essential part of ascalp & hair routine?

Cleansing with a scrub is the key to a healthy scalp and hair.

It should be part of your weekly/daily routine to:

-eliminate the dead cells, product buildup, and impurities
-restore the pH and microbiome balance
-leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean.
-not weigh the hair down.
-hydrate your hair, making it feel less dry and bouncier
-improve your hair health and clear the way for hair growth

Why should everyone use Serum No.1 Scalp Balance?

Scalp Care is The New Hair Care.
In order to have healthy hair, your scalp needs to be healthy first.

Our breakthrough Scalp Balance Serum rebalances the entire scalp microbiota (bacteriobiota and mycobiota). It maintains and restores scalp health with our proprietary FP5®️ Biome for a beneficial effect on the bacterial microbiome and fibroblasts, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.
It boosts the population of friendly bacteria and provides anti-irritant and soothing benefits, increases microcirculation and the cell metabolism factors, and helps release soothing molecules (beta-endorphin).

What are Pure Ingredient Boosters?

Key Flora Ingredients in a form of a booster to reinforce and personalize each Flora product and treatment. Multiply and indefinite possibilities of personalization. With these Pure Active Ingredients, each hair therapist or beauty/ hair adviser can actually create a product for any scalp hair type and problem segmentation.

1. Booster Nº 1 Hyaluronic Acid
2. Booster Nº 2 Amino-Acids
3. Booster Nº 3 Ceramides
4. Booster Nº 4 Lipopeptides
5. Booster Nº 5 Keratin
6. Booster Nº 6 Microbiome Booster

How can you use the booster?

Add the prescribed number of drops (2 to 8) to any Flora product. Mix it. Follow the instructions of the product mixed with the booster.

Where can I try the products?

You can try our products at:

Joali Maldives – luxury holiday resort
Joali Being – the first wellbeing island retreat
Cheval Blanc Courchevel – luxury hotel
Cheval Blanc St. Tropez – luxury hotel
La Samaritaine – Parisian department store
Ruža Hair Spa salons in Zagreb, Croatia

How can I know my hair concerns?


Where are your products manufactured?

All the production is taking place in France.

Which couriers do you accept?

We are working DPD France company.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, excluding:

North Korea
South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands
Saint Helena
SY Syria
French Southern Territories
Wallis and Futuna

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