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Hair Spa

Hair Spa

Through an innovative approach inspired by skincare, Flora offers personalized treatments that target the scalp and hair fiber at the root. Embark on a unique sensory journey with our exclusive protocols, enriched by clean products and advanced technologies. At Flora, we are reinventing hair wellness to reveal the natural beauty of your hair.

Change the way you take care of your hair.

Flora advocates for the "skinification" of hair with skincare-inspired treatments, for strong, healthy, and shiny hair. Flora's molecular therapy for the scalp and hair fiber is expressed through customized protocols and rituals.

The Flora teams draw inspiration from nature and science to develop holistic hair treatments. The hair spa is a meeting of science and sensuality, an exceptional experience: pure luxury.

Discover Flora's hair spa: exclusive protocols and clean products for healthy hair.

The Flora Concept: The Art and Science of Hair Spa

At Flora, we believe that the usual methods applied to our hair are not enough for healthy and strong hair. Shampoos and other cosmetic products are often unsuitable for their real needs.

Revolutionary Hair Spa Products

Healthy hair starts with scalp treatment, which is often overlooked in hair cosmetics. It is part of our skin, which is why Flora was inspired by skincare and tapped into the active ingredients of dermocosmetics to develop revolutionary complexes and protocols. As a pioneer of the hair facial, a deep scalp treatment, Flora breaks away from the overconsumption of cosmetic products that damage our hair.

The scalp is as sensitive as the skin on our face and, like it, is subject to many external aggressions. Flora's hair spa takes care of your scalp and hair at the cellular level, at the root. Only after treating the scalp can the fiber benefit from its own therapies.

Our hair spa is a unique holistic experience, a sensory journey, allowing for the escape and disconnection necessary for healthy hair.



Hair Care According to Flora's Methodology

Flora provides a sophisticated hair spa experience, designed from the latest molecular technologies and an exclusive collaboration with a house Nose (perfumer). Science and olfactory emotions unite for a hair spa that will make your hair beautiful and healthy, sustainably. Flora offers exclusive treatments and a luxury wellness experience in unique locations: La Réserve Paris, Cheval Blanc St Tropez, Cheval Blanc Courchevel, and Joali BEING, the first island 100% dedicated to well-being, in the Maldives.

In our hair spa, each science-inspired protocol begins with a micro-camera diagnosis and ends with a personalized prescription. The treatment is tailored to the recommendations of our hair therapists, with the application of Pure Active Boosters activated by the cutting-edge Hair Spa Mist II technology.

Each Flora hair spa protocol follows five crucial steps:

  • A sensory olfactory experience accompanied by a welcome massage.
  • A diagnosis of your scalp and hair fiber.
  • A personalized Flora hair spa treatment, including Hair Spa Mist II steam technology.
  • A moment at the Miracle Blowdry Bar, for sensory hair drying: Flora offers a journey through 9 cities around the world, through 9 different styles.
  • A prescription of products to use at home: extend the hair spa experience at home with a 100% customized routine.

Molecular Science for Flora's Hair Spa

Hair material is built in the root. Therefore, treatment should not only act on the fiber and must begin with deep treatments designed for the scalp. Knowing the nature of the hair is key to good hair health.

For this reason, Flora's hair spa embraces hair biology. Our treatments affect the scalp's microbiome, the stem cells in the epidermis, collagen – the main structural protein of our skin – and finally, keratin, which makes up more than 95% of the hair fiber.

The scalp's microbiome, microorganisms working for the health of the scalp, is often unbalanced. This causes itching, eczema, dandruff, or psoriasis.

Based on clean products and respectful of its nature, Flora's hair spa prevents the development of these conditions by contributing to hair health.

Also, our treatments consist of two patented complexes formulated by Flora.

FP5® Biome is an active complex combining amino acids, marine bioactives, and micro-peptides. This blend acts on the scalp's microbiome and fibroblast cells, also called support cells. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, for a balanced microbiome and a scalp that is healthy in the long term.

FMP10® is a second patented complex by Flora, made of micro-peptides and pure short-chain hyaluronic acid selected by our scientists. Of very high quality, it penetrates deeply and guarantees lasting hydration. The hair fibers are thus more structured, resilient, and dense.

Flora's luxury hair spa, a complete sensory experience

Taking care of oneself is a journey. At Flora, we are committed to providing you with a unique and personalized sensory experience. That's why our hair spa is much more than a concentration of molecular science: it's also powerful olfactory emotions and deep well-being thanks to our massage rituals.

All our hair spa protocols are punctuated with moments of pure wellness. Each treatment is an olfactory journey for lasting relaxation. Flora's methodology integrates meticulously developed massages based on our knowledge of the scalp. These signature wellness rituals are designed to soothe and enhance the assimilation of our treatments. The Hair Spa Mist II steam technology finally enhances the effectiveness of Flora's actives while providing intense relaxation.

We designed our olfactory experience in collaboration with Clémence Besse, the exclusive nose for Flora. By imagining our sensory universe, she has brought the wild beauty and subtly aquatic nature of the islands into our oils and fragrant mists. The fragrance, the final gesture of your hair spa ritual, is the ultimate step of your Flora wellness journey. The Flora hair spa experience can be recreated at home. Thanks to our online tool and personalized support from our hair therapists, get your diagnosis and obtain your customized Flora routine!

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