Scalp Scrubs

Flora changes the way you care for your hair. Performing a facial and body scrub is part of many people's routines. However, the scalp is often overlooked, even though its skin also needs deep care. Flora scrubs cleanse and detoxify the scalp, promoting beautiful and healthy hair. They are an integral part of your personalized routine and prepare your scalp to receive intensive Flora treatments.
The benefits of Flora scalp scrub

Flora treatments adopt the principles of dermo-cosmetics applied to hair. By studying the structure of the hair fiber and the scalp, it becomes evident that the scalp skin must receive similar care to that of the face and body. This is why scalp scrubbing is essential, with its cleansing and detoxifying action. It effectively washes away and removes dead cells that persist on the epidermis. The scalp is subjected to numerous external aggressions – pollution, unsuitable hair products, etc. – and needs to be rebalanced.

Flora scalp scrubbing follows the principle of body scrubbing: its exfoliating texture frees your skin from dead cells, product residues, and all undesirable elements that have accumulated. The scalp is purified, detoxified, and cleansed. Scrubbing helps address excess sebum, prevents dandruff and itching, and stimulates hair growth. Finally, by deeply cleansing the scalp pores, it prepares them to receive and assimilate the active ingredients of Flora's molecular formulas.

Flora scalp scrubbing, the foundation of your routine for healthy hair

Change the way you care for your hair by shaking up your habits. Flora experts have developed a scrub that can replace or complement your shampoo, with its deep cleansing and detoxifying action. If there's one product essential to integrate into your hair routine, it's Flora scalp scrubbing. Its powerful ingredients penetrate deep into the hair cortex, opening the cuticle to prepare your hair to receive all the active ingredients of Flora treatments. Discover our two scalp scrubs:

  • Gentle Daily Detox Scrub: This blend of super-ingredients is an essential part of your daily or weekly routine. It restores pH balance, balances the microbiome, eliminates dead cells, and impurities. This scrub is the key to healthy, vigorous, clean, and hydrated hair.
  • Intense Detox Super Scrub: This formula is enriched with pure actives for deep rebalancing of your scalp. Apply this essential part of the Flora routine every 2 to 3 weeks for normal scalps, and weekly for dandruff, itching, or excess sebum.

To reap all the benefits of Flora scrubs, apply them to wet scalp and hair, massaging well. You can replace your shampoo by using the scrub twice in a row, or complement it with the Flora shampoo suitable for your hair. Then observe your personalized Flora routine: to find out about it, undergo a diagnostic with our hair therapists.