Flora studies the biology of hair to intensely treat the scalp and hair fiber at a cellular level. Our biomimetic formulas, composed of pure actives, come in three steps. They can be used alone or combined in infinitely customizable routines. Each treatment becomes a daily ritual and a sensory journey. Discover Flora routines to purify, treat, and enhance your hair deeply.
The art and science of hair routine

Flora hair experts have developed customized routines inspired by hair biology. It all begins at the heart of the scalp and its microbiome. The microorganisms found there are essential for hair health. This ecosystem can be fragile, and it is necessary to remedy it, as healthy skin, and thus a healthy scalp, is the secret to robust hair fiber. Our routine is divided into three steps:

  • Cleanse and detoxify: The ritual begins with an intense scalp treatment aimed at eliminating impurities, rebalancing the microbiome, and regulating pH. You'll find powerful scrubs, masks, and shampoos, packed with super-ingredients. This crucial step prepares the scalp and fiber to receive the active ingredients of Flora treatments.
  • Scalp treatment and care followed by fiber treatment and care: Serums, masks, and hair fillers deeply repair and nourish the scalp and fiber. Flora's powerful actives stimulate keratin production, hair growth, and improve its resistance so it grows strong, dense, and shiny.
  • Beautify and treat: This is the final touch for beautiful hair, where formulatory art meets Flora's sensory experience. Our hair therapists' expertise blends with the talent of our exclusive Nose for enchanting treatments.

Customized care for your Flora hair routine

Every hair type needs an adapted hair routine. Our experts have therefore composed customized rituals designed to address different issues. You can enjoy detoxifying and strengthening treatments that, when combined, fight signs of aging. Weakened hair will benefit from moisturizing treatments and will be plumped from within. If you regularly undergo straightening or blowouts, our hair therapists have designed a dedicated routine for you.

Our hair routines, chosen according to your needs, act deeply on the scalp and fiber, for an effect as miraculous as it is lasting. Whatever your concerns, there is a Flora hair routine designed for you: detox, intense nourishment, microbiome balance, strengthening, etc. From mini routines to complete daily rituals, each product assortment contains the essence of Flora's expertise and sensory experience. Discover your personalized routine now by undergoing a diagnostic with our hair therapists.