Hair Spa
Exclusive hair protocols

Each protocol starts with a micro-camera diagnosis, is punctuated with wellness steps (olfactory journey, massages, quartz comb...) and ends with a prescription of tailor-made products. It is systematically personalised with one or more Pure Active Ingredient Boosters, activated with steam thanks to the advanced Hair Spa Mist II* technology, several signature massages of the skull which can be accessorised with a blow-dry for an exceptional tailor-made result, which lasts over time. A true Hair Spa.

Flora Hair Spa Treatments

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Deep detox scalp & hair treatment

The fundamental treatment. Because the beauty of the hair depends on the quality of the scalp, this treatment focuses on a deep detoxification of this area.

It detoxifies heavy metals (present in water, dye pigments...), exfoliates and eliminates dead cells, product residues and toxins to promote cell renewal. It soothes discomfort and restores the balance of the microbiome.

It is accompanied by three massage rituals, including the Relaxing Detox Signature Massage, the use of the Hair Spa Mist and other sensory gestures.

Care between 15 and 50 min

Pro-Collagen hair & scalp treatment

The ultimate anti-aging and anti-hair loss treatment. By stimulating collagen production, it acts on both the scalp and the lengths. They are regenerated, moisturized, soothed, repaired, more supple and stronger.

Thanks to this protocol, it soothes the itching of the scalp and restores its balance, strength and elasticity. It therefore acts on hair loss.

It is accompanied by four massage rituals, including the Flora Signature Anti-Hair Loss Massage, the use of the Hair Spa Mist and other sensory gestures.

40 min treatment

Stem-cell hair & scalp treatment

The advanced formula to restore the vitality of the scalp and rejuvenate its mechanisms in depth by stimulating the renewal of stem cells at the cellular level while restoring the balance of the microbiome.

A real metamorphosis of hair fibers that are both restructured and strengthened for denser, stronger, more resistant and fuller hair. It is accompanied by four massage rituals, including the Flora Signature Density massage, the use of the Hair Spa Mist and other sensory gestures.

40 min treatment

Flora sur-mesure Treatment *

A unique protocol at the heart of the brand's molecular therapeutic approach, designed entirely around the unique needs of each client.

The expert adapts the strength and concentration of different key active ingredients such as keratin, ceramides, amino acids, microbiome booster, lipopeptides and hyaluronic acids. It combines products, steps and signature massages according to personalized objectives while using the Hair Spa Mist technology.

Care between 15 and 50 min

Flora express Treatment *

A quick but highly effective format to rebalance and nourish the microbiome of the scalp, restore lengths and enhance hair.

10 min. treatment

Exclusive to Cheval Blanc, Courchevel


The ideal treatment after a day of skiing. Relaxing and comforting thanks to the massages, this treatment acts on both the scalp and the hair, in depth. The scalp is soothed, while the fiber is reconstituted, intensely nourished and moisturized.

A real boost, like a super-food for softer, shinier, and sustainably nourished hair. It is accompanied by massage rituals, a time of relaxation thanks to a steam machine that allows optimal penetration and other sensory gestures.

50 min treatment

Flora Hair Style

Miracle Blowdry bar

9 styles, 9 different brushings for 9 cities around the world: Flora in Paris, Flora in Zagreb, Flora in Sydney, Flora in New York, Flora in Cannes, Flora in Shanghai, Flora in Sao Paulo, Flora in Hollywood, Flora in Dubai

Treatment between 15 and 30 min