Our story

I have somehow been with the hair and beauty industry since my birth. Born to a famous hairdresser, spending time in the salon and living in the industry from the earliest age, it was in my nature to become passionate about hair and beauty.

With extensive experience in Management Positions in the Beauty Industry and particular experience in pioneering the Hair Spa and Curative Approach in the hair segment, I realized there is a time for a different approach to hair care than we know until today.

There is a time for a real skinification of hair!
I decided to develop a science-backed, personalized, clean & vegan multi-step haircare routine brand with strong emphasis on Research & Development, Microbiome and Biology of Hair. 

I created Flora - Molecular Skin Therapy For Hair because "Scalp Care Is The New Hair Care!"

Nikolina Kisic Mamic

Our philosophy

Scalp care is the new hair care...
...where science meets an indulgence of senses!

Flora’s products and full range are science-backed, clean & vegan*, personalized multi-step care routine for healthy and gorgeous hair, which starts with a healthy scalp.

Backed by over 18 years of lab research and more than 45 years of professional hairdressing expertise we developed our miraculous FP5® Biome and FMP10® complexes. Our breakthrough innovations for scalp & hair microbiome balance and hair health & strength.

To accompany all the science of its formulas, FLORA mixes them with fragrances inspired of her journeys to the islands all over the world.

Exclusive hair protocols

Flora has developed unique experiences combining technology, signature massages inspired from around the world, cutting-edge active ingredients, well-being protocols and exceptional blow-drying.

An ultra-luxury and cutting-edge approach that has naturally found its place in the most prestigious places of the world.

Flora is available at JOALI Maldives, the luxurious and ultra-sensory multi-award winning resort and on JOALI BEING, the first island in the Maldives entirely dedicated to wellness.

As part of this unique immersive retreat, Flora has developed a spectacular "Hair Spa" experience dedicated to the microbiome, which is now available in France, in the Hair Spa of La Réserve Paris.

Last winter, Flora joined Cheval Blanc Courchevel with a signature "après-ski" treatment.

Flora continues to expand and will soon be integrated into many prestigious and excellent locations around the world.

Flora is now available in France, at Spa Cheval Blanc St Tropez and La Réserve Paris.

An exclusive "nez"

Flora is the first haircare brand to collaborate with an exclusive perfumer.

French Creator Clémence Besse has envisioned several signature fragrances with precious materials for an exceptional fusion of technicality and sensoriality.

Each ritual becomes an escape, a moment of emotional disconnection.

"The hair, always in motion, is an ideal canvas for perfuming oneself, subtly releasing an energy, a personality that is uniquely ours."