Fiber Serum

Like skin serums, hair serums don't just stay on the surface: they penetrate deeply and act within the hair cortex to repair the fiber. Flora experts have teamed up with our exclusive Nose to create these powerful hair fiber serums, merging biomimetic formulary art and a unique sensory experience.

Flora hair fiber serums, miraculously repairing

Flora's treatments for hair fibers are developed through our intimate understanding of the nature of hair. The serum works deeply at the root, and its miraculous benefits are even visible on the surface. Keratin makes up nearly 95% of the hair fiber's cortex. It is surrounded by the hair pulp and the cuticle, forming the outer layer of the hair. To restore shine, strength, and density to the hair, the biomimetic serum is designed to deliver its super-ingredients into the cortex.

Our range of Flora hair fiber serums benefits from the expertise of an exclusive Nose, providing an intense olfactory journey. The serum works deeply while releasing a delicate fragrance. Each signature scent takes you on a journey to an island, for a complete change of scenery: Capri, Ilha Grande, Elafiti, Borneo, Zanzibar, Maldives. Flora hair therapists offer you a one-of-a-kind product, a hair fiber serum that is both a perfume and a deep treatment.

Our Flora hair fiber serums, jewels of Flora's formulary art

Our Miracle Repair Hair Fiber Serums are formulated using Flora's two patented complexes. The revolutionary FP5® Biome blend consists of amino acids, marine bioactives, and micro-peptides. We've selected these super-ingredients to durably strengthen the hair through deep rebalancing of the microbiome and consolidation of the fiber's support cells. FMP10®, rich in pure short-chain hyaluronic acid, is also a concentrated source of micro-peptides. It repairs, strengthens, and intensely hydrates. The replenished fiber regains its shine and strength.

Provitamin B5, or Panthenol, is the star super-ingredient in our hair fiber serums: it nourishes the hair and stimulates its self-repairing abilities. Our experts have added natural antioxidants, vitamins C and E, which boost hair growth and restore its strength. Finally, Flora phytobioactives protect the fiber from within, preserving keratin, cysteine, and tryptophan from oxidation. The hair is visibly stronger, more flexible, and shiny.

A hair fiber serum in your personalized routine

Every person has their own Flora routine, 100% tailored to the needs of their hair and scalp. The hair fiber serum is a cornerstone of this routine. To benefit from the miraculous action of this powerful treatment, start by washing your hair with the Flora scrub or shampoo selected for you. The serum can also be applied after a filler or mask, always on towel-dried hair, without rinsing.

This serum is recommended for all hair types weakened by external aggressors (straightening, pollution, etc.) or by nature (curly, frizzy, fine, etc.): it deeply hydrates and revitalizes the fiber without weighing it down. For optimal action, enhance its effectiveness with a Flora pure ingredient booster.

Discover your personalized Flora routine now, designed by our hair therapists based on the needs of your hair.