Hair Spa
Exclusive hair protocols

Flora's exceptional protocols and unique sensorial approach can be found in the world's finest palaces and resorts.
Tailor-made treatments designed exclusively for each exceptional location.

Each protocol begins with a micro-camera diagnosis, is punctuated by wellness steps (olfactory course, massages, quartz comb...) and ends with a prescription for customized products. It is systematically customized with one or more Pure Active Boosters, steam-activated with advanced Hair Spa Mist II* technology, several signature skull massages that can be accompanied by a blow-dry for an exceptional customized result that lasts over time. A true Hair Spa.

*Hair Spa Mist II delivers the latest generation of steam treatment to detoxify the scalp, open cuticles for deeper, faster penetration of active ingredients, and enhance all hair types, whether natural or color-treated. All with a high level of relaxation.


Flora treatments

Exclusively at La Réserve Paris
PRO COLLAGEN TREATMENT - The ultimate anti-aging HairFacial for hair and scalp

Collagen is a key element in the production of keratin and for preserving melanin (the pigment responsible for color), making hair resistant to graying. By stimulating its production, it acts from the roots to the lengths. They are regenerated, hydrated, more flexible, and more vigorous. The ultimate anti-aging and anti-hair loss treatment. When collagen is present in sufficient quantities, the skin is free of wrinkles, and the hair is strong and of good quality.

Flora Stem-Cell Treatment, Immediate Regeneration HairFacial for hair and scalp."

Cutting-edge treatment to revive the scalp, rejuvenating its mechanisms deeply through the renewal of stem cells while restoring the microbiome balance. New growth cycles are triggered, and fibroblast metabolism is increased. A true transformation of hair fibers, which are then restructured and strengthened. A high-tech holistic approach that plays a crucial role in enhancing hair growth.

45 min - 200 €

Exclusively at Cheval Blanc St Tropez
L'art du Prélude Tropézien - Pre-sun treatment

A gentle, protective and revitalizing moment that allows you to soak up the Mediterranean sun in complete serenity. Flora's L'Art du Prélude Tropézien is a real booster of vitality and nutrition for hair. Detoxified, moisturized and stronger, they are protected from UV rays and resist specific external aggressions such as sea salt, sand, chlorine and wind. A true awakening of the senses, combining sensoriality and effectiveness.

L'art d'une Renaissance Enchantée - After-sun treatment

L'Art d'une Renaissance Enchantée by Flora soothes and moisturizes the scalp while deeply repairing the hair fiber. Massages promote deep relaxation and stimulate oxygenation of hair follicles. The ideal treatment after a day at the seaside, specially designed for hair damaged by the Riviera sun.

Exclusively at Cheval Blanc Courchevel

The ideal treatment after a day on the slopes. Relaxing and comforting thanks to massage, this treatment acts deep down on both scalp and hair. The scalp is soothed, while the fiber is replenished, intensely nourished and moisturized.a real boost, like a super-food for softer, shinier, sustainably nourished hair. It is accompanied by massage rituals, relaxation time with a steam machine for optimal penetration, and other sensory gestures.

50 min treatment - €180