Scalp Serums

The balance of your scalp's microbiome is THE secret to healthy hair. Flora treatments are inspired by dermocosmetics, which puts serum at the heart of the daily routine. For beautiful and healthy hair, taking action at the root is essential: Flora scalp serum stimulates collagen production and reactivates stem cells, for dense and vibrant hair. Revitalize your hair by nourishing your scalp with Flora serums.

Our serums to nourish the microbiome of your scalp

Flora's scientific expertise guides the development of our hair care routines. Our deep treatments, specifically designed for the scalp, address the very structure of the hair. Since a thriving microbiome is key, we've created a range of biomimetic serums that embrace the nature of your hair.

Our scalp serums act on the microbiome, the microorganisms that contribute to hair health. This ecosystem is often compromised due to environmental factors, pollution, sun exposure, medications, or the use of inappropriate cosmetics.

Rebalancing the microbiome to defend against external aggressors is a crucial step for healthy skin, hence a healthy scalp and hair. Proper care helps prevent the development of discomfort and inflammatory conditions such as itching, dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis. Flora offers clean products, respectful of the scalp's nature and your health.

Scalp serums for a customized routine

Flora's treatments inherit a wealth of experience in the hair care world and cutting-edge scientific research. It's through in-depth study of the scalp and the development of two patented complexes – FP5® Biome and FMP10® – that our serums have been formulated. We offer four serum formulas tailored to your needs:

  • Serum N°1 Scalp Balance: This scalp serum is a microbiome booster, rich in probiotics, composed using our FP5® Biome complex. You'll achieve dense and gorgeous hair by applying this serum daily.
  • Serum N°2 Detox: Formulated with FP5® Biome, it regulates sebum and restores microbiome balance. These actions, coupled with its anti-inflammatory effect, effectively address dandruff, itching, and tingling sensations.
  • Serum N°3 Anti-aging: This pro-collagen serum, composed using FP5® Biome and FMP10®, stimulates the scalp and boosts collagen production. It helps prevent weakening, hair loss, and follicle shrinkage.
  • Serum N°4 Density: Our scientists have crafted this serum with biomimetic micropeptides and Flora's two patented complexes. It stimulates hair growth, collagen synthesis, and follicle length. It contributes to stronger, healthier, denser hair.
    Apply 12 to 16 drops of your serum after washing your hair, on damp scalp. You can repeat the process on dry scalp, morning and night, for optimal results.

Incorporate these serums into your personalized Flora routine and change the way you care for your hair. Discover the prescriptions of our hair therapists by completing your personalized diagnosis on our website or by contacting us.