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Flora Anti-Hair Fall Routine

This routine boosts and reactivates the hair growth and density. It relaunches stem cells to trigger new hair growth cycles while hydrating the hair lenghts.
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This routine includes

  1. Intensive Detox Super Scrub
    Step 1 - Cleanse & Detoxify

    Intensive Detox Super Scrub

    For any hair type in need of deep strengthening, repair, and nourishment from within, especially damaged or chemically treated hair. Also for curly hair - it deeply nourishes and revives the curl bounce.

  2. Shampoo N° 2 Fortifying Shampoo
    Step 1 - Cleanse & Detoxify

    Shampoo N° 2 Fortifying Shampoo

    Flacon / 300 ml - Strength, Density & Anti-Hair Fall

    Fortifying Shampoo for fiber strength, density, and anti–hair fall with Lactic Acid for pH balance + FP5® Biome for microbiome balance + FMP10®, our proprietary Molecular Technology blend of Micropeptides and pure, short-chain Hyaluronic Acid of the highest quality for fiber structure, strength, and density + Keratin for fiber repair and smoothness + our Pro-Collagen booster to prevent hair loss + Biotin H.

  3. Pure Ingredient - Microbiome Booster
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    All steps - Pure Ingredient Boosters

    Pure Ingredient - Microbiome Booster

    Flacon / 30 ml - Booster N° 6

    Pure Microbiome Booster to rebalance the scalp microbiome. Maintains and restores scalp and hair health. To boost the concentration of Chlorella in any Flora product.

  4. Hair Filler N° 10 Hyaluronic Acid
    Step 2 - Fiber Treatment & Care

    Hair Filler N° 10 Hyaluronic Acid

    Flacon / 50 ml - For Fuller & Amplified Hair

    Our revolutionary Hair Filler No. 10 plumps up, fills, and hydrates the hair fiber from within. It is made from a high concentration of our breakthrough Molecular Technology Hyaluronic Acid + our proprietary FMP10® + a blend of Amino Acids & Lipopetides + Amaranthus Extract (the flower that never fades).

  5. N° 1 Hydrating Conditioner
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    Step 2 - Fiber Treatment & Care

    N° 1 Hydrating Conditioner

    Tube / 200 ml - with Hyaluronic Acid + Amino-acids + Biotin + Vitamins C & E

    Hydrating Conditioner for moisturized, shiny, amplified hair. This potent, lightweight conditioner restores hydration, adds shine, protects, nourishes, and volumizes hair from within. It leaves hair soft and bouncy without weighing it down. For optimal nutrient levels and hydration in all hair types, especially fine hair.

  6. Serum N° 1 Scalp Balance
    Step 2 - Scalp Treatment & Care

    Serum N° 1 Scalp Balance

    Flacon / 30 ml - Microbiome Booster, Probiotics

    Our breakthrough Scalp Balance Serum rebalances the entire scalp microbiota (bacteriobiota and mycobiota). It maintains and restores scalp health with our proprietary FP5® Biome, a functional complex of active ingredients combining Amino Acids, Micropeptides, and Marine Bioactives for a beneficial effect on the bacterial microbiome and fibroblasts, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis + Lactobacillus to boost the population of friendly bacteria and provide anti-irritant and soothing benefits + Capsicum to increase microcirculation and the cell metabolism factors + Floral Water to help release soothing molecules (beta-endorphin) + Vitamin C.

  7. Serum N° 4 Densite
    Out of stock
    Step 2 - Scalp Treatment & Care

    Serum N° 4 Densite

    Flacon / 30 ml - Biomimetic Peptides

    Our revolutionary Molecular Technology Densité Serum stimulates hair growth and density to provide fuller, thicker, healthier hair thanks to Biomimetic Peptides to reactivate follicle stem cells and fibroblasts for astonishing hair growth, collagen synthesis, and improvement in hair follicle length +Biotin to improve hair density by normalizing the ratio of anagen and telogen hair growth phases + Cysteine and Adenosine + Niacinamide + D-Panthenol to support fiber thickness and regeneration of damaged hair + our revolutionary FP5® Biome for a microbiome balance + FMP10® for overall scalp and hair health and strength + Green Tea.