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Flora Stem-Cell/Density Routine

Rejuvenation, Elasticity, Hair Growth & Density

This routine triggers and reactivates new hair growth by realunching stem cells. It increases dermal papilla fibroblast metabolism causing stem cells to switch to the anagen (growth) phase faster.

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This routine includes

  1. Daily Detox Sensitive Scrub
    Step 1 - Cleanse & Detoxify

    Daily Detox Sensitive Scrub

    Jar / 200 ml - Daily Scalp Cleanse & Detox

    Daily Detox Sensitive Scrub is formulated with Lactic Acid to break down dead skin cells lurking in your roots and dissolve product buildup + Sea Salt to eliminate the dead cells and impurities. Our proprietary FP5® Biome complex balances the scalp’s microbiome and improves its natural moisture to form a skin barrier contributing to elasticity and strength + Beta-Glucan soothes, hydrates, and protects.

  2. Hair Filler N° 12 Keratin
    Step 2 - Fiber Treatment & Care

    Hair Filler N° 12 Keratin

    Flacon / 50 ml - Anti-Breakage, Smoothness & Fiber Length Strengthening

    Hair Filler No. 12 prevents breakage & smooths the fiber for stronger and longer hair with our highly concentrated, breakthrough Molecular Technology Keratin + FMP10® our proprietary blend of Micropeptides and pure, short-chain Hyaluronic Acid.

  3. Serum N° 4 Densite
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    Step 2 - Scalp Treatment & Care

    Serum N° 4 Densite

    Flacon / 30 ml - Biomimetic Peptides

    Our revolutionary Molecular Technology Densité Serum stimulates hair growth and density to provide fuller, thicker, healthier hair thanks to Biomimetic Peptides to reactivate follicle stem cells and fibroblasts for astonishing hair growth, collagen synthesis, and improvement in hair follicle length +Biotin to improve hair density by normalizing the ratio of anagen and telogen hair growth phases + Cysteine and Adenosine + Niacinamide + D-Panthenol to support fiber thickness and regeneration of damaged hair + our revolutionary FP5® Biome for a microbiome balance + FMP10® for overall scalp and hair health and strength + Green Tea.

  4. Miracle Repair Serum
    Step 3 - Beautify & Treat

    Miracle Repair Serum

    Flacon / 50ml - For Instant Deep Repair & Fiber Strength Recovery

    Our breakthrough Miracle Repair Leave-In Serum repairs and reverses hair damage within minutes. It penetrates deep into the fiber, repairing it thanks to a high concentration of our FMP10®, which acts from within to fill in the damaged areas, replenish hair’s inner structure, strengthen cysteine bonds, hydrate deep down, plump up hair strands, add shine, and protect the cuticle + our proprietary FP5® Biome for a microbiome balance and overall hair health + Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 to moisturize, soothe, and enhance the healing process + Vitamins C & E, powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals + our Phytobioactives to protect the hair from within against protein oxidation and preserve the keratin cuticle structure, maintain cysteine and tryptophan in the fiber, and improve its strength, tensile properties, and shine.

  5. Pure Ingredient - Lipopeptides
    All steps - Pure Ingredient Boosters

    Pure Ingredient - Lipopeptides

    Flacon / 30 ml - Booster N° 4

    Pure Lipopeptides to protect hair and prevent chemical damage and external aggressions while improving the strength, lubrication, and hydrophobic nature of the hair shaft. Perfect for pre and post chemical treatments. To boost the concentration of Lipopeptides in any Flora product.